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Florida Boat Disposal is a service that specializes in the removal of your unused or junk boat quickly and efficiently.

Fill out the form, or call to effortlessly remove the problem boat from your property, storage unit or marina slip with or without a trailer.

Get a fast free quote for disposal of your unwanted, unused, or not running vessel . It can be removed QUICKLY!  From a 4' PWC to a 120' Sailboat we can get it removed ASAP. We work with all types of boats and have the resources to get the job done right.

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Stop paying expensive boat storage! We can get your running/non-running boat from your water slip - No trailer needed. Remove the ugly eye sore from your house, lawn or garage.

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A junk or unused boat can do many detrimental things: harbor critters, grow moss, rust, rot, bring down your house value, bring down your neighbors house value, cost thousands a year for storage...

The list of reasons to dispose of your junk or unused boat can be long.

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